Joining A Giveaway

There are two separate signup availabilities for a giveaway.

There is the member signup. This is for those that just want to download the free gifts that are available.

Then there is the contributor or JV partner signup. This is for those who have available, and wish to offer, free gifts to others and at the same time build their list.

You cannot sign up to be a member of a giveaway until the giveaway opens to members which will be at the date and time which is set by the person(s) running the giveaway.
Whereas those that wish to be contributors to the giveaway can sign up as soon as the giveaway is put on the internet. This gives the contributor the time needed to upload his gift to the giveaway before the giveaway opens to members.

What is the difference you may ask?

Those that contribute gifts to the giveaway are also expected to promote the giveaway. All the contributors or joint venture partners as they are also known have more to gain if there are more potential customers looking at the free gifts that are available.

In fact many of the giveaways will downgrade the contributors to members if they do not promote the event and bring in contributors and members.

Contributors do not want to be downgraded as that means that the gift they are offering will be removed from the giveaway.

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