What is the general meaning of article marketing?

The idea of article marketing is to write an article and then place it in one or more of the article directories that are available. You also place your bio box with the article so you get the credit for the article
Providing you put your links in the article, and the article is liked and used by other people then your links will be appearing on other peoples websites.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.
I write an article on blogging. I then place this article and some variations of it on several article directories.
The reason for writing variations of the article is so that the same article is never offered to more than one article directory. Should an article directory refuse any article then you can of course then offer it up to a different article directory.

People who are looking for content for their websites scan these article directories and download any they think will be good for their website. Your article gets uploaded to the website and is then read by people going to that website.
Those who like what you are saying may click on your link which will take them to wherever your link points. (This could be a website, service or product).

One of the main reasons for writing articles is to get traffic to your website, service or product.