What do we mean by Marketing?

Marketing is what we do to get the word out to others about whatever we are trying to promote. So in the case of this website I send out information to everyone I can about my website and why it is here.

There are many methods and mediums by which we can advertise. These will be discussed more fully in the seperate pages for online marketing and offline marketing.

So marketing can be qualified as 'A way of letting people know of the existence of something that may be of interest to them.'

As an example I advertise this website to be of interest to those wishing to learn how to make an income using the internet.

You may be selling a product or products and wish to learn more about how and where to advertise and to sell those products. I am not leaving out those methods that involve offline marketing as I believe you should gain all the knowledge you can about all methods and then use the one(s) that both appeal to you and are of the biggest interest to you.

You may learn by experience that some products are easier than others to sell online, while there are other products that do better with the offline method.

I respectfully suggest you take a good look at both methods before you decide to stick to either one.