What is offline Marketing?

Offline marketing uses the more traditional methods of contacting and advertising to get the word out.

A great number of those who are involved in internet marketing have totally turned away from the old traditional marketing methods, although the things that have worked in the past continue to work today. I personally think that marketers generally pay less for online marketing than they do for offline marketing and so everyone has jumped onto the internet bandwagon with varying degrees of success.
So let's take a look at how and where we advertise offline.

The most obvious method is direct mail marketing. A lot of people stopped using this method when they found internet marketing but it still works today as it always has.

Those who use direct mail or mail shots as they are sometimes called use them because they work. There is a cost factor involved as you need to have printed material to pass to the potential customer and there is also a cost involved with the distribution of the materials.

You also have newspaper and magazine advertising. Again there is a cost involved with this. This type of advertising can be relatively inexpensive if you advertise in the right magazines.

These days to hit a target audience the medium of television and media is often used. Again this incurs larger costs, but it can be cost effective with the correct products.

You can put out flyers, business cards and other printed material to draw in more customers.
You can do social events, house parties and the like. Don't believe me! How do you think Avon and Kleen-eze started out.

Perhaps you can hold church fetes or even seminars to promote your product. Just don't leave any stone or should that be advertising path unturned. There is always someone looking to buy products and there is always someone trying to sell products.

Always think about where you have heard about products and then try the same advertising techniques or you could even emulate some of those tried and proven methods.
You may have thought the internet is the only way forward but I hope the ideas here have made you think again of where and why you are advertising.

I wish you luck in all your advertising no matter which path you follow, and remember no one says you can only follow one path.