What do we mean by Online Marketing?

People have differing opinions, but I feel that the most obvious meaning is promoting or advertising using the internet as your marketing medium. Hence online marketing.

Advertising and marketing on the internet generally gives you a far larger target market using the different internet marketing options. Many of these options will be discussed individually on some of the pages on this website.

Nobody is going to make money just by putting products on websites. These websites and the products need to be advertised. You need to get the word out to as many people as possible to increase your sales.

Your sales reach on the internet is almost limitless. If someone is on the internet then they are a potential customer.

One thing to point out here is nobody likes SPAM so make sure you stay within the rules if you are using the internet to do your advertising.

There are many methods of getting the word out using the internet. These include but are not limited to: Adsense, Article, audio, banner, blogging, content, email, ppc, press releases, referral, reseller, review, seo, sms, social media, text, traffic exchanges, video and viral marketing.
Some of these are discussed in more detail or even have their own pages dedicated to them on this website.

One of your main projects should be to build your list, so all this marketing and the list building should be looked at together.